Shortly before the First World War, a Berlin watchmaker named Gertrud Lina gave up her child.
Nobody knows Gertrud Lina’s story. Except maybe the buildings where she lived, the sidewalks upon which she tread, the archival intersections of times and locations that color any life. Is it possible to find a woman who went missing to history nearly a century ago? To construct a portrait around her blank space?
The German-American filmmaker Brigitta Wagner goes in search of her lost great-grandmother, a woman nobody in her family ever knew. Both women—raised a century and an ocean apart—ultimately came to live and move in the same Berlin neighborhoods. But their lives could not be more different. This doc-fiction hybrid traverses history, urban change, and their effects on women’s choices and opportunities..



  • A German/Norwegian Co-Production


    The Gertrud Lina Files


    Documentary Feature


    Andrew Grant & Ane-Martha Tamnes Hansgård


    Brigitta Wagner


    In development

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