A hero’s tale is filmed 67 years ago by Dr. Sverre Winge, a respected doctor in a small community in Northern Norway. At that time, no one in the local community knew that Dr. Winge, an authority in the small town, had a passion for filmmaking. He made films throughout his life about his family, animals and adventures. He was a director, but his masterpiece was never seen by anyone outside of his family. Just a few short years after the film was finished, Dr. Winge died at only 55 years old. And now, decades later, the film winds up in the hands of filmmaker Ane-Martha Tamnes Hansgård and journalist Silje-Tamara Røsvassbukt, who together follow in the footsteps of the memories of this film, exploring issues of technology, social roles, status and choices

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    The Cabinet of Dr. Vinge


    Short Documentary


    Øyvind Nyborg Gregersen


    Ane-Martha Tamnes Hansgård & Silje Tamara Rojas Røsvassbukt


    In development

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