Karrayyu are camel herders from Ethiopia who are struggling to survive. Roba is a Karrayyu with a unique story. He escaped an arranged marriage and fled his family in order to get an education. In 2017 he won a scholarship to earn a Master’s degree in Boston, which unexpectedly became an opportunity for him to meet with the Camel community in the United States. MILK DROP – THE CAMEL REVOLUTION will follow Roba on a journey to look for different ways to improve the lives of the Karrayyu. During his quest he’ll meet with different people, each with their own agenda, and he’ll discover new information and stories concerning camels and camel milk in North America.


CONTACT: oyvind@mattimafilms.com


    Milk Drop - The Camel Revolution


    Documentary Feature


    Øyvind Gregersen, Alberto D’Agnano


    Clio Sozzani


    In development

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