In Italy, it’s forbidden for the underage to grow: sex education is a theme that divides and shocks and is forbidden almost in all schools.
Now, a group of young boys & girls have decided to take it into Italian schools.
They will create a film to talk about the subjects closest to them, without the restrictions and hypocrisy of the world of adults.
They will talk about consent, masturbation, pornography, sex toys, sexting, couples, identity, BDSM, voyeurism. Will it be possible to tell about the many aspects of sexuality of 2019 Italy?

Making (of) Love is a documentary about a group of Italian boys and girls who decide to take action for introducing compulsory sexual education in Italian schools. How? By creating an educational film that shows sexuality as an important and positive experience. In Making (of) Love we follow their project through all the production phases: right from their initial meetings until after the public screenings.

Is it possible to convey the thousand different aspects of sexuality in Italy in 2019, and how will the young people’s film be received by a peer audience in a progressive country like Norway?


  • An Italian/Norwegian Co-Production


    Making (of) Love


    Documentary feature


    Alberto D'Agnano, Lucio Basadonne, Øyvind Gregersen


    Lucio Basadonne


    In production

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