A skinny boy in a hoodie sprays his signature on a wall, while a farmer secures the ladder. A renowned street-artist from New York teaches kids how to use a spray can while their mother serves cakes. A local fisherman helps out by operating the mobile lift.

By organising the UpNorth Festival, urban artist STEIN wanted to make art accessible to ordinary people, especially those living far away from an urban environment. Prominent artists from all over the world are invited to a weeklong social gathering without any limits of expression.

The artists are now long gone, but they have left something to marvel at and interpret. Their monuments will be part of these communities for generations to come, as well as the memories of people who made them. How did two different worlds create such strong bonds, and will the art be able to withstand the harsh conditions of the arctic climate?

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    Making Monuments




    Øyvind Gregersen


    Sigurd Andersen


    In pre-production

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