In one of the most punishing environments on earth, where oxygen is in short supply, a young musician from Norway struggles to get a sound out of his saxophone. Though his muscles are aching, his eyesight blurry, and the voices in his head are telling him to turn back, he nonetheless proceeds to give a concert at nearly 7000 meters above sea level – the highest altitude concert ever staged on land. Yet there are 6 more musical performances planned, all of which will take place on top of the highest peaks of each of the planet’s 7 continents, including the highest mountain in the world: Mt Everest. 

An inspiring documentary, Chasing Summits: A Musical Ascension follows musician Håkon Erlandsen as he breaks free from the conventional life of a jazz musician and embarks on an extreme challenge to show the world what is possible with music, presenting original compositions inspired by the global diversity of nature, people and cultures.



    Chasing Summits: A Musical Ascension


    Documentary Series


    Andrew Grant & Øyvind Gregersen


    Ane-Martha Tamnes Hansgård


    In development

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